The first modern HVAC system was invented in 1902, according to “A Brief History of HVAC” by Coyne College. Since HVAC systems have been around for more than a century, there are numerous HVAC system myths you might have heard about, including the HVAC myths that you should ignore in Easton, PA, which are listed below.

1. A Larger HVAC System Is Better

Some people assume bigger is better in different aspects of life. When it comes to HVAC, an oversized unit will take up a considerable amount of space in your home. If your house has an HVAC system that is too large for its size, the compressor will turn on and off at short intervals, causing different temperatures in rooms plus it will not stay on long enough to dehumidify your house.

Also, a too-large HVAC system will consume a considerable amount of electricity, which means you’ll pay more than you need to when it comes to your monthly utility bills. On the other hand, if the HVAC unit is too small, it will overwork to keep the room warm or cool as needed.

2. You Can Replace Air Filters After More Than One Year

If you wait to change the air filters after more than one year, you’ll notice that your utility bills are higher than usual. Air filters accumulate dust, allergens and different dirt particles that are present in the air.

When there’s a dirty filter, there will be poor airflow, which means the HVAC unit will start overworking, and it will consume more electricity. You should check air filters monthly and change them as needed or every three months.

3. Before Replacing Your Old HVAC Unit, You Should Let It Die First

Some people usually stick to one HVAC system until it ceases to become operational. It is not advisable to wait for the HVAC system to die before you replace it.

Although the old air conditioning unit might be working well, pay close attention to your utility bills. If you have an old HVAC unit, your utility bills will be high. A new HVAC system is much more energy efficient, with this reflected in your monthly utility bills.

4. The Room Cools Faster When the Thermostat Is Turned Down

This is a myth that many people have believed at some point. You may have also turned down your thermostat at some point to ensure the HVAC system cools down the room fast.

In reality, you can’t accelerate the cooling process; cooling takes time. Even when the thermostat is turned down low, the HVAC unit will cool the room at its regular pace, and it will eventually match the thermostat’s settings.

You should set the thermostat to a temperature that you consider ideal. You’ll then wait for the air to attain that temperature.

5. The HVAC System Doesn’t Need Regular Maintenance

For the HVAC system to perform well, it needs to be maintained regularly by a professional contractor. If the air conditioning system is not well maintained, it will most likely need repairs more frequently, and you could spend a significant sum on paying for repairs.

Ignore these HVAC system myths and focus on the correct information that you’ll always receive from Sullivan Oil and Propane.

At Sullivan Oil and Propane, we offer air conditioning, heating, ductwork, geothermal, ductless mini-splits and HVAC maintenance service. Feel free to contact us today, and our team of specialists will assist you.

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