Tired of opening up your monthly utility bill to find that your wallet is going to be much lighter than you expected? In the winter months, money should be spent on traveling to spend time with family, not fueling a continually inefficient HVAC system. Many homeowners in Bath, Pennsylvania, are tired of losing money to their HVAC system, but there’s a way out. If you’re worried about spending too much on utilities, you can dam that flow by addressing these four ways you may be losing money to inefficiency.

Drafts and Leaks

It’s difficult for your HVAC system to efficiently heat your home when the air that it’s attempting to supply you with is slipping out through cracks in your thermal envelope. This envelope is everything that separates the air inside your home from the air outside. It includes walls, windows, doors, insulation, and anything else that should keep your air where it belongs. Flaws in your thermal envelope can appear anywhere, but they generally form around windows, doors, and in your attic. These flaws allow warm air to escape and cool air to enter your home.

Your attic is an easy area of your home to forget, but if you’re losing warm air anywhere, it’s probably there. Gaps in the thermal envelope exist around recessed lighting, electrical outlets, plumbing pipes, and even through the floor of the attic. Roll extra blanket insulation along the floor, spray expanding foam around plumbing pipes and outlets, and replace recessed lighting cans with tighter fixtures to seal your attic’s envelope.

Leaks around windows can be fixed with a fresh layer of caulk, while leaks around your door can be fixed with a generous layer of weatherstripping. Sealing your thermal envelope properly will keep your air — and your money — where it belongs.

Vampire Energy

Vampire energy can be a money-wasting problem year-round. This frightening phrase refers to the energy wasted when electronics and appliances are turned off but left plugged in. Even when turned off, these gadgets and devices still draw energy, costing you extra money every month, even when you aren’t enjoying the benefits of the technology.

When you turn in for the night, unplug all of your small electronics and appliances. However, don’t unplug large appliances, like your refrigerator or your oven. The easiest way to rid yourself of vampire energy is to plug your electronics into a power strip.

Poor Temperature Control

Your HVAC system is likely powerful enough to keep you warm regardless of the outdoor temperature, but the greater the difference between the temperature inside your home and the temperature outside, the lower the efficiency and the more energy wasted. Thus, keeping your furnace running at full power all day will waste more energy than it’s worth. When you can, keep your thermostat lower than 80 degrees. Don’t freeze yourself out, though. Instead, try finding other ways to keep warm.

To maintain efficient temperature control, especially while you’re away from home, install a programmable thermostat. This system will keep your home at an efficient temperature all day long. Temperatures can also feel colder if the humidity in the home is too low. Keep it at a healthy level with a whole-home humidifier.

Neglect of Maintenance

Since an inefficient system is the main cause of HVAC money loss, keeping your unit in top working condition is the key to saving money. Regular preventive maintenance can keep your HVAC system running smoothly, but neglecting maintenance will cost you money and comfort.

A seasonal tuneup should take place in the fall to prepare your heating system for the upcoming winter. If you missed that round of maintenance, it’s not too late! Call your local HVAC technician to schedule maintenance today. With our services, your unit’s efficiency will increase, and you’ll prevent issues from costing you more money in the future.

Make this the first winter where you don’t need to stress about a high utility bill. Keep an eye on these four ways that you may be losing money and you’ll be well on your way to a comfortable and proficient winter. To save money and increase your heating system’s efficiency, schedule an appointment with Sullivan Oil & Propane. Call us today at (610) 810-3992.

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