You need to warm your home during the winter season in Bath, Pennsylvania, but the heating bills can add up. It’s important to ensure the heat stays where it belongs inside your Bath home. Keeping the warmth inside is how proper insulation saves money during the winter months.

Prevent Roof Damage with Attic Insulation

It’s a fact that heat rises, and it can escape through the roof of your home during the winter months. Proper attic insulation will keep the heat inside, saving you money on heat loss, improving your indoor air quality, and preventing costly property damage.

When your attic floor isn’t properly insulated, the heat from you home will cause the snow on your roof to melt during cold weather. The melting snow slides down your warm roof and freezes again, forming an ice dam near the edge. Ice dams can destroy shingles, roof decking, and rain gutters.

It’s easy to spot inadequate attic floor insulation. Look for icicles around the edge of your roof or snow melt on your roof that isn’t consistent with similarly sloped roofs in your neighborhood. A properly insulated attic floor keeps your living space warm and the outside of your house cold, preventing expensive roof damage during the winter.

Decrease Heat Loss with Draft Insulation

No matter how well insulated your attic and walls are, you’re not heating your home efficiently if you have drafts. That can mean significant loss of heat and money. Insulating common draft areas will prevent your home’s heat from slipping outside.

Look for draft insulating opportunities around windowsills, door frames, electrical outlets, and vents. Remember to check for drafts wherever utilities enter your house, such as the phone and gas lines. To identify a draft that needs insulation, use the back of your hand to feel for cold spots or light a stick of incense and see if a draft disturbs the smoke.

To learn more, call the professionals at Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992. We can help with your winter heating needs in Bath, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

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