Your HVAC system is vital to maintaining comfort in your Bath, Pennsylvania, home. Unfortunately, we often pay little mind to it until it starts acting up and is in need of repair. Lack of care and simple mistakes can cause your HVAC system to run less efficiently and wear out faster. Check out these common HVAC mistakes that could be damaging your system’s efficiency.

Not Changing Your Filter

Dirty filters can cause the airflow in your system to slow. This can lead to uneven temperatures in your home, as well as your system running constantly and working harder than it should. The more your system has to work to maintain the proper temperature in your home, the higher your energy use. Always change your filter every couple of months. Check it every month to see if it needs to be changed sooner if you have pets or a dusty home.

Installing the Wrong Size Unit

Some homeowners might think bigger systems mean better heating and cooling. But if the system is larger than your house needs, it can lead to short cycling, which can lower efficiency. Too small of a system will cause your system to run continuously, as it can almost never achieve the desired temperature throughout the whole house. When installing a unit for the first time or upgrading your system, be sure you have the best fit for your home.

Not Having Regular Maintenance

Your filter is not the only HVAC system component that becomes dirty over time. Components in your system can become damaged from built-up debris and cause the system to work less efficiently. Additionally, when parts are in need of repair but not addressed, the whole system operates less optimally. With routine HVAC maintenance, your technician can clean all the components, check for airflow concerns, and address any issues that could be affecting your system’s efficiency.

Keep your HVAC system running at its peak. Contact one of our experienced technicians at Sullivan Oil & Propane by calling (610) 810-3992 today to schedule your HVAC maintenance service.

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