The last thing Bath, Pa., homeowners want to experience is an unexpected problem with a furnace, heat pump, or cooling unit. A preventive maintenance plan protects you from equipment failures and extends the life of your heater and air-conditioner.

Peace of Mind

Regular maintenance ensures your heating and cooling system functions properly. You’ll rest easy knowing your heater and air-conditioner receive regular preventive attention from our skilled crew of HVAC professionals.

Uninterrupted Comfort 

A preventive maintenance plan helps you avoid unexpected heating and cooling interruptions. There is nothing worse than losing service during the dead of winter or the dog days of summer. What if trained technicians are already working overtime, servicing other accounts? They’ll eventually get to you, but you probably won’t be comfortable while you wait.

Greater Efficiency

Regular preventive check-ups keep routine maintenance up-to-date and furnish early warnings about needed repairs. Keeping current on preventive procedures also enhances efficiency, enabling your heating and cooling appliances to function at peak levels. This timely attention can actually reduce energy use, saving money on the cost of oil and propane. And with HVAC components running like a clock, you’ll encounter fewer expensive repairs.

Extended Equipment Life

You naturally protect your home, car, and other personal investments. So why not take the same step for your heating and cooling system? A preventive maintenance plan does exactly that, making sure your furnace, heat pump, and air-conditioner receive regular evaluation from highly trained Sullivan service staff.

Fewer Costly Repairs

Regular cleaning, lubrication, and filter changes preserve top performance from your heating and cooling appliances. When components do show signs of wear, the parts can be replaced on schedule. The alternative, calling for service outside business hours, pushes repair costs higher. And what if your system fails when you’re not home? You may not even know you have a problem until it’s too late to avoid an expensive repair.

Call Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992 to arrange your preventive maintenance plan today.

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