With the cold weather settling in in Bath, Pennsylvania, you rely on your furnace to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in your home. Make sure to listen for these warning signs that could indicate something is off within your heating system.


Every furnace makes some noise when it operates, but you shouldn’t hear anything extremely loud or jarring. A sudden booming noise can indicate a blockage in the assembly of the burner. This issue may happen when carbon particles build up within the unit’s burner assembly. If they aren’t properly cleaned out and removed, the particles will cause the furnace to make a loud boom when it operates. Make sure to have your heating system tuned up and maintained regularly to avoid this sound.


A thumping sound within a furnace often indicates a problem with the balance of the blower wheel. The blower wheel has blades that push air throughout your heating system. When this component is unbalanced, it may make a noticeable thumping sound. Although it may seem harmless, an unbalanced blower wheel can lead to more significant issues that are costly to repair, so make sure to get it checked out as soon as possible.


It’s always concerning when you hear the sound of metal grinding against metal. That noise could indicate an issue with the blower wheel, or it could mean another component has slipped out of place and is grinding against something else within the unit.

Screeching or Squealing

If you hear the high-pitched sound of squealing or screeching, you may have a belt that has become damaged or come loose. The moving parts within a furnace also require the application of lubricant periodically, so when these become dry and rub together, they could make that sound.

If you hear any of these troublesome sounds coming from your furnace, our team at Sullivan Oil & Propane can take a look and come up with a plan for repair, so contact us at (610) 810-3992.

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