When trying to improve the quality of indoor air, consider an air purifier or an air cleaner. Both devices filter unwanted air contaminants, but they have some differences that are worth discussing. To help you determine which one to install in your Wind Gap, PA, home, here are some ways in which the two devices differ.

What Are Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners?

Air cleaners are devices that filter out bacterial growth, dirt and other pollutants from your indoor air by using a built-in filter or screen. Air purifiers, on the other hand, use UV germicidal lamps to remove impurities.

How Do They Work?

The air cleaner allows air to pass through a built-in screen that removes contaminant particles. They come built directly into your HVAC system and installed between the furnace or air conditioner and the air duct. Their location ensures that they can clean all the air entering your ductwork before it circulates throughout your home.

Air cleaners also help to preserve your HVAC unit and prolong its lifespan. They prevent dirt, debris and dust from building up and clogging your system.

Unlike air cleaners, air purifiers zap contaminants using a UV lamp inside the device. The air then passes out into your living room, clean and healthy for you and your loved ones to breathe.

Air purifiers also operate silently compared to air cleaners. You can buy a purifier as a stand-alone unit or have an HVAC technician install it into your ductwork.

Which One Is Better?

Since both of these devices serve the same purpose of cleaning, there is no clear answer to which is better. Therefore, deciding which air treatment to choose for your home requires several considerations of your needs. Consider contacting an HVAC specialist to help you identify any underlying problems in your house and decide which air cleaning device is better for your home.

If you’re looking for the best way to improve indoor air quality in your Wind Gap, PA, home, contact us at Sullivan Oil and Propane. Our team will perform a comprehensive analysis of your HVAC system and recommend the best air treatment system for you.

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